Our Philosophy

Bespoke Build Solutions employ staff that have over 25years experience in the construction industry.  During their professional careers they been involved and instrumental in the project management and completion of many outstanding projects.


Bespoke Building Solutions Ltd’s team are multi-disciplined who will provide a quality and reliable.


Bespoke Building Solutions Ltd’s appointed suppliers and installers of BECO ICF (Insulated concrete formwork walling)


Health & Safety


Bespoke Building Solutions Ltd’s adheres to strict Health and Safety policies and hence we give great importance to risk assessments, method statements and training for all work undertaken.


Bespoke Building Solutions Ltd’s has full Employers and Public Liability Insurance as well as all risks.



The Environment



The environment matters to you and it matters to us.  To do our bit to help safeguard the world for today and the future, we follow some simple rules:


• We use low-waste, eco-friendly materials whenever we can - for example we favour non-toxic water-based paints and use aggregate from the closest source to reduce travel pollution.


• We recycle our waste effectively - from returning pallets and containers to efficient skip management and on-site waste processing, we strive to be effective recyclers.


• We install energy-efficient systems - which save on power and water...and therefore money for you.

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